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Delal Salazar, born in Austria in 1996, is a trained interior and set designer based in Vienna. She started her career in the creative industry in the fields of photography, content creation, graphic design, marketing and social media management. 

She has been working as an artist since 2021. 

Delal Salazar is renowned for her evocative paintings, characterized by their raw, textured surfaces and earthy color palette. Utilizing a mix of materials such as sand and stone powder, she constructs complex layers within her compositions. The canvas itself is not just a surface but a medium that adds depth and sculptural qualities to her art, creating a sense of movement and three-dimensionality. Her artworks, a reflection of natural surfaces increasingly scarce due to human impact, are a blend of heights, depths, and motion. They capture textures found in our environment, preserving them in her unique visual language.


For her first Solo-Exhibition in 2022, Salazar curated the "Earth" collection, housed in a lightless black room. This innovative approach allowed visitors to experience her works through touch and tactile exploration, providing a sensory journey into her art beyond mere sight.


In her latest series, entitled "Calm", Delal Salazar explores the interplay between chaos and stability. Clarity and noise. Freedom and control. The balancing act between processing and acceptance. Salazar invites the viewer to reflect on the harmony between opposing forces.

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