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    Acrylic and sand on canvas.


    The latest series, "Calm", delves into the harmony between opposing forces: Chaos and stability. Clarity and noise. Freedom and control. Processing and accepting. These polarities reflect the complexity of human life, the constant balance between extremes. This approach is deeply personal, telling of my own experiences in life. Each piece in ''Calm'' is a nuance of this balance, a reflection of the search for inner peace and a way of dealing with life's challenges. It is an artistic journey through the complexity of human emotions and the eternal search quest for equilibrium. Each canvas is an attempt to make the invisible visible. While deeply meaningful to me on a personal level, these works also extend an invitation to viewers to reflect on their own struggles and desires. In a world often consumed by noise and unrest, my art seeks to provide a moment of silence and tranquility. It aims to evoke an emotional resonance within its audience, serving as a pause for reflection and an exploration of one's inner landscapes.

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