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    Acrylic and sand on canvas.

    Comes with a black frame.


    By combining various materials such as sand or stone powder, complex structures are created layer by layer over several weeks. I see the canvas not just as a surface, but as a medium to which I add depth and sculptural quality to create a sense of movement and three-dimensionality. The "Earth" series is a response to the increasing change in our environment due to industrialization and climate change. These works reflect natural surfaces that are becoming increasingly rare due to human influence. These textures capture memories of undisturbed ecosystems, but at the same time reveal traces of human intervention through irregular cracks, for example. The intention is to not only draw attention to beauty and diversity, but also to fragility. The "Earth" collection serves as a silent reminder that as part of this ecosystem, we have a responsibility.


    For her first Solo-Exhibition in 2022, Salazar curated the "Earth" collection, housed in a lightless black room. This innovative approach allowed visitors to experience her works through touch and tactile exploration, providing a sensory journey into her art beyond mere sight.

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